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9th June 2010 (23:07)
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Hi, everybody. Long time, no see!

Just a quickie to let you all know that I have put some of my music on Last.fm! (more will be forthcoming soonish...) If you are so inclined, you can check it out at http://www.last.fm/music/Katzette


Now to bed where it is warm.

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Testing, testing...

2nd May 2010 (20:59)

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OK, so as I said yesterday, I've been having problems with my with my website's feed - there seemed to be a whole heap of junk code on the site, but it seems to have been fixed by re-installing Wordpress. Could anyone confirm that they are now receiving updates from it?



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1st May 2010 (17:52)

current location: Out of my mind.
current mood: infuriated
current song: You Must Be Out Of Your Mind-The Magnetic Fields-Realism


I've just noticed that my website's rss feed is not working properly, and I'm not technically proficient enough to figure out how to fix it - it's just making me increasingly stressed, so I thought I'd turn to you lovely people to see if anyone could offer some aid.

To see the error message I am getting, go here: http://feedvalidator.org/check?url=http:%2F%2Fkatzette.com%2Ffeed%2F for a full description of the problem - I have no idea what all that stuff at the bottom of the page is after line 330 - it looks like spam of some sort to me.

How do I fix this? Help!!!

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OK, me too...

20th April 2010 (22:29)

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I'm going with the flow and migrating my arse over to Dreamwidth. I'll be cross-posting to Livejournal, so feel free to follow me on one space or the other. Or both, if you really want to. You can comment wherever you feel most comfortable.

I am tired, but glad that there will be no more stock take for over 6 months...

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Some VidSpam

14th April 2010 (14:13)

They don't make music videos like this anymore.

ABC - The Look Of Love
Uploaded by ABC. - Watch more music videos, in HD!
ABC - The Look Of Love

Supergrass have called it a day. There first 2 albums are still considered (by me) to be fucking fantastic. Have a banned-for-being-to-scary-for-daytime-tv music video:

Supergrass - Mary
Uploaded by EMI_Music. - Watch more music videos, in HD!

Gorillaz vs John McLean (Bruce appears about 1.55 into the clip)

Gorillaz - Stylo (Feat. Mos Def and Bobby Womack)
Uploaded by EMI_Music. - Explore more music videos.

That'll do f'now.

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12th April 2010 (21:50)

2 days in to my new work place, and it's not going to badly. I'm getting tired quite early - it's been over a month since I last worked, and over 6 months since I last worked full time. The people have been nice so far - I met my boss yesterday, and now she's on leave for 5 weeks. I'm sort of covering for her as well as the store's full time music dude, who recently snapped his ankle while playing footy - who says sport is good for you?

I had fun rearranging the world music section today. Whenever I go to a new store, I like to rearrange stuff so that it is how I like it (because I am best), but this store was already in pretty good shape. I gave the world section a bit of a shuffle, and the rest of the store just needs a bit of tweaking. However, that will all have to take a back seat for a week or so, because I've been given something of a baptism of fire - stocktake is next Tuesday! Aargh! I can already hear the beeps! So if you want to go to a JB store next week, don't go on Tuesday, they'll all be closed.

Getting to work is surprisingly easy. I cycled up the St George's Road bike path to Preston Station this morning (Preston is a zone 1/2 border station, so if I catch the train from there, I only have to pay for a zone 2 ticket - $20 a week as opposed to $50 for a zone 1+2 weekly), and then it's less than 20 minutes on the train, followed by a 5 minute bike ride - I was at work in about 40 minutes.

And you know what else I did? Because I am only catching the train - no buses or trams for me - I can use my Myki card! Today was my first day of "touching in" and "touching out" on Melbourne's public transport (sounds dirty).

In today's delicious news, nixwilliams made a delicious putanesca pasta sauce for dinner, followed by Golden Syrup Dumplings Of Awesomeness!!! (That is there official title - including the three exclamities). It is because nixwilliams is my Partner Of Awesomeness!!!™

I think it is time for bed. Good night

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Work and Offensive Comedy and Giant Enormous Elections

9th April 2010 (16:14)

I haven't been posting much here recently - mostly I've been ejaculating in little bursts on twitter or bacefook.

Anyway, I've got a job now - back at JB AGAIN, this time I'm off to Epping Plaza, which, while quite far away, shouldn't take as long to get to on public transport, which is good. Technically, I will be employed as a part-timer, but will have full time hours for at least 6-8 weeks, while their full time music guy recovers from a broken leg.

In other news, comedian Christina Martin has written a blog on how to be acceptably offensive in comedy (as opposed to unacceptably offensive). She wrote it in response to a recent show by popular comedian Frankie Boyle, in which a member of the audience had the following experience:

He spent a considerable amount of time making fun of people with Down’s Syndrome. She [the audience member] became unsettled. Her husband leaned in to check she was ok, at which point Frankie Boyle spotted them talking (they were in the front row) and asked them what they were talking about. When Sharon said that she had a daughter with Down’s Syndrome and had been upset by his jokes, Boyle became agitated and eventually ended up telling her he didn’t give a fuck.


Hardly surprising though, given that the working title for his Channel 4 show is ‘Deal With it Retards!’

Christina then gives a very simple formula on how to be offensive correctly:

Anyway, the usual debate has been kicking off, both on Twitter and on the comments section of Sharon’s blog.

“But what is offensive material?” “How do you define offensive?” “Everything is offensive to someone surely?”

You know, the usual missing of the entire point.

For anyone who is still struggling with this idea, let me walk you through.

Offensive material has value when it has a point.

Offensive material can actually be quite brave and meritorious when someone is using it to explore an idea, explode myths or shock people to their senses.

In his latest show ‘Hitler Moustache’, Richard Herring took on the stance of a racist to explode racism. Something he did to great effect.

And his old comedy partner Stewart Lee can boast one of the most offensive lines of all time - “I vomited into the gaping anus of Christ”

However, it was said in the context of an incredibly sophisticated stand-up show, that intended to show up the hypocrisy of some people’s use of their religion to censor others. Thereby, and ironically, forcing people to test the limits of that censorship and perhaps go too far...

So to conclude. Offensive + a point = merit

Offensive on its own = just plain offensive

And finally - the UK elections are fast approaching (May the 6th be with you), and I am trying to figure out what I need to do to be able to vote. Is anyone reading this a British Citizen living in Melbourne? I need your signature!

As a British citizen living overseas, I would be voting in the constituency in which I was last registered to vote: Finchley and Golders Green - which, because of recent boundary changes, is the most marginal seat in the country! (and Margaret Thatcher's old seat). I've been having fun doing some research here and here.

I was quite pleased to see that the candidates for the three main parties consist of two women and an openly gay man (although all of them are thoroughly white).

OK, that'll do for now.

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Be Honourable

6th April 2010 (23:52)

Josie Loves Books

Went to see Josie Long's show, Be Honourable, at the comedy fest tonight. I'm too tired to say anything more than that she's awesome as ever. She got all political on your ass! Also, you should buy her old DVD - it has her first 2 proper stand up shows, and is awesome.

Here are some other top notch 'political' comedians (whatever that means):

Mark Thomas
Rob Newman
Alexei Sayle (more of a novelist these days)
Bill Hicks
Lenny Bruce

Any other recommendations?

Also, have a Most Basass Alphabet Ever
Who Vs Doom

I need to go to bed now. I'm frikkin tired.

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Video Lag Jet Spam

30th March 2010 (15:17)

current mood: Jet Lagged

Howdy. We're back from 2 and a half weeks in the UK. Feeling a bit too spaced to say much about it at the moment, but you can read about our adventures here, and see pictures here.

Pictures from the wedding be here if you're interested in seeing how we scrubbed up. My favourite picture of me from the bash:
best men speech
best men speech

And now have some video spam:

New Pikelet Video - Red Pleather:

Pikelet: Red Pleather from gaga on Vimeo.

Dan and Dan - The Daily Mail Song:

Movies I have watched so far this year (Current total: 30)

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The Sound Of Music

28th February 2010 (19:58)

thanks to nixwilliams, my website, katzette, now has a syndicated lj feed! hoorah!

if you feel that way inclined, you can follow it here.

or you can just go to the website and get the rss direct from there. if you're into that kind of thing.

went to the sydney road street party today with nixwilliams and johnnypurple. there are bits of the festival i really like, but i find the crowds rather stressful - especially the hordes of Young People screaming around. and the hipsters - oh the hipsters!

but we spent most of the afternoon sitting in the penny black waiting for the spoils to play (they eventually came on stage about an hour after they were originally meant to). whilst waiting, we got to see the scores, an enthusiastic, skinny rock band who were, you know, quite good, and another band whose name i didn't catch, and who were very serious, very young and, in the case of their drummer, very bored (at least, she looked thoroughly bored).

then the spoils came on and did their awesome thing they do. and now i am tired and achey. but happy to be sitting at home. how are you?